Product Pitch

Our product developer pitched a product that would greatly help the lineman in their preventive maintenance routines. The product is a kiosk that would hold the electronic version of the preventive maintenance manual. The current situation is published books that the pages are currently being ripped out of them. This would greatly improve accuracy of the maintenance being completed.

Our human resourced department lead pitched virtualization of all of the workstations to manage a smaller IT team and have information more consolidated. From an IT perspective, I agree with this, however, it will cost a decent amount of money.

Our sales department pitched a product that is more of a type of currency or measurement called market shares. This will be able to measure the current income with the sales in mind to plot the best effective methods of the trade.

The IT department pitched live GPS location tools that publish live to the database. This would be a great improvement for the field teams as they are completing their work.


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