Instructional Presentations

On March 22, 2017, our company presented our individual presentations to the other company. Ryan spoke of the kiosk that we are proposing as our final proposal to the company. He went through the exact detail of accessing the proper PM’s or TM’s. He reinforced the idea of the two factor authentication in relations with the individual access. His presentation was spot on and I understood every minute of it. Matt presented about certain operations that engineers have to process to get various tasks done when receiving a maintenance order of sorts. Mason spoke about how to create a virtual machine using portable virtual box. Our company by far has the best presentations and ideas. From an IT standpoint, all of these projects and presentations are great and will be successful in any network.


Instruction Presentation

Ryan presented his instructional procedures on his personal kiosk for the final proposal project. He stated that each employee will need to have an employee ID, username, and password to login to the preventative maintenance manual. You then would be able to select a vehicle and which associated preventative maintenance manual to complete at that time. After completion, log off for the next available user for the next available train. I really like this idea from an IT standpoint of the process due to access control. This will let IT or managers know who last was on the PC in case of any threats or issues arise out of the user using the PC.

Matt wrote about creating work bill (request) and the instructions to complete the process of creating the work bill. The purpose of his instructions would be to fulfilling the order request and producing the best results. He briefed us on the various definitions on the instructions. The process was a total of 42 steps for the fulfillment order for an engineering role. Customer will feed them an exact set of requirements for the bill. He used if-then-else statements for the instructions. Any slave station controller can complete the bill. I really like this from an IT role due to the data redundancy and future overlook of the data in case certain people are not longer available or the customer disputes the case.

Process Collaboration

Ryan spoke of the 5k preventative maintenance process during the Charlotte Area Transit System train maintenance. I like the way this is processed and handled by the train mechanics. This process is also very cost efficient in many ways. I spoke of the ArcGIS process for obtaining GPS points out in the field. My process collaboration will be critiqued by my fellow team members on the various blogs. Mason proposed the process of setting up a virtual machine via Oracle virtual box software. He explained the hardware resources and the prerequisite required for the virtual machines. He stated the most important part of the process is the licensing of the operating system that is being installed into the server. Matt proposed the process of writing a process and writing an instruction. He stated that the process is how things work withing the specified requirements. He also stated that instructions are how to set or start something and get to that point. all of these processes were brilliant and work very reasonably as far as IT means go as well as the network security.

Product Pitch

Our product developer pitched a product that would greatly help the lineman in their preventive maintenance routines. The product is a kiosk that would hold the electronic version of the preventive maintenance manual. The current situation is published books that the pages are currently being ripped out of them. This would greatly improve accuracy of the maintenance being completed.

Our human resourced department lead pitched virtualization of all of the workstations to manage a smaller IT team and have information more consolidated. From an IT perspective, I agree with this, however, it will cost a decent amount of money.

Our sales department pitched a product that is more of a type of currency or measurement called market shares. This will be able to measure the current income with the sales in mind to plot the best effective methods of the trade.

The IT department pitched live GPS location tools that publish live to the database. This would be a great improvement for the field teams as they are completing their work.